About The Planetwide Radio Company

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The Planetwide Radio Company combines backgrounds in commercial radio programming, presentation and audio engineering with software development and IT to create a team that understands both the radio industry and the technology needed to broadcast to a 'planetwide' audience.

Our unique affiliation to the UK's leading developer of radio production and automation technology (P Squared Ltd) means that we have unprecedented access to the technology that makes modern radio possible for stations such as Beat 103, ASDA 'in store radio' and The Pulse. This means that we are able to understand the needs of modern radio stations both in terms of technical capabilities and financial constraints.

The Planetwide Radio Company's aim is simple. To provide fast, reliable, scalable streaming media services that serve the needs of digital broadcasters of all sizes, at a cost that realistically reflects the real World. In addition, we aim to combine our pool of broadcasting talent with a wealth of IT experience and cutting edge broadcast technology to offer intelligent, lively and diverse managed radio solutions tailored to our individual customers needs.

For more details on Planetwide Radio, contact our sales team today.

For more detail on radio production and automation technology, visit www.psquared.net.