Streaming Media

Streaming Image The Planetwide Radio Company Ltd (PWR) is the UK's longest running specialist in providing streaming media services to radio stations and special events.

Whether you are a school, college, web broadcaster, commercial raido station or event organiser, we can provide a cost effective, flexible solution for all your online media hosting needs.

Managed Services

Managed RadioWe offer a range of managed radio options for 'in store' radio or stations that want to maintain creativity but forget all the boring stuff!

Whether you want a to maintain creativity or hand the whole thing over to us, we can provide you with a creative, bespoke service to reach your customers, entertain your staff and give you an edge over your competitors.

Planetwide Radio

The Planetwide Radio Company combines backgrounds in commercial radio programming, presentation and audio engineering with software development and IT to create a team that understands both the radio industry and the technology needed to broadcast to a 'planetwide' audience.

With more than a decade of experience providing streaming media and managed service solutions, you can count on us for your online media needs.